Training days and Diamond allocations

Please find below training days and diamond allocations for 2021/22.  If for any reason you wish to switch with someone please contact the coach/manager directly. 

Prem 2 Men Wednesday6.00-7.301Willy 
Prem 3 MenWednesday6.00-7.302Rob / Tom M
2A Men (Jolly Jokers)


6.30-7.303Blossom / Rana
2A men RUNVTuesday6.00-7.301
PresidentsNo need to train :)

Social WomenTuesday6.30-8.002Kyla
U15 - RoguesTuesday and Thursday4.30-5.45


U15 - Ravens (Girls)Wednesdays4.30-6.001Heristy / Kyla
U13 - KC RenegadesTuesdays4.30-6.002Regan / Paora
U13 - Falcons (Girls)Tuesday5.00-6.303Johnny / Jason / Kyla
U13 - KreuzersMonday4.30-6.00


Jon / Becs / Matthew
U13 - EaglesWednesdays5.30-7.004Adam /  Alex
U11 Mighty SoxWednesday4.30-5.452Gary
U9 - Blue SoxsWednesday4:30-5:303Thomas 
U7 Local LeagueGAME DAYS SATURDAY9.00-10.15 amT1 & T2Nick / David

Note:  Diamonds get marked on a Friday night, if the crew are down there early please don't train on the skin.

The Batting cage is available for all teams to use, if fair use is not applied please let us know and we will allocate a booking system so everyone is able to use it.


D4 is a training and afternoon field only (as T20 Cricket still gets played at Te-Atiawa on Saturday mornings)

D6 is a U11 and U9 diamond only (size restrictions)

D7 & D8 is where our local league plays.