Training days and Diamond allocations

Please find below the training days and diamond allocations for 2022/23.  If, for any reason, you wish to switch with someone, please contact the coach/manager directly. 
Training times also includes batting cage, as specified below.

TeamDaysTimeDiamondBatting cageContact
Prem 2 MenThursday5.30-7.301Shared Thursday with RUNVSC.Alex | Willy
2A Men (Jolly Jokers)


6.00-7.301Wednesday 5.30-7.30C.Shane
2A Men (R.U.N.V.S)Thursday6.00-Shared Thursday with P2
PresidentsNo need to train---C.Mike 
2B WomenTuesday & Thursday6.30-7.302Tuesday onlyC. Steve | M.Olivia
U15 RenegadesTuesday4.30-6.001Tuesdays 4.30-5.30 | 9, 23 Nov & 7, 21 Dec (Fortnightly)C. Regan | M.Jacqui
U15 CubsMonday5.00-6.301Shared with U13 G.O.A.T.S Monday 4.00-6.30C. Jon  | M. Clayton
U15 FalconsTuesday5.00-6.302Tuesdays 5.30-6.30 only
C. Johnny, Jason, Kyla
U13 G.O.A.T.SMonday4.00-5.301Shared with U15 Cubs Monday 4.00-6.30
C. Hilray | M. Bexs
U13 -HawksTuesday & Thursday4.30-6.00D3 Tuesday
D2 Thursday
Tuesday 4.30-5.30 | 2, 16, 30 Nov & 14 Dec (Fortnightly)C. Colin
U13 - TigersThursday4.00-5.30D1Thursday 4-5.30 | 2, 16, 30 Nov & 14 Dec (Fortnightly)C. Ella | C. Heaven
U11 - CardinalsWednesday3.30-4.30D1WednesdayC. Parker | M.Lisa
U11 - KnightsThursday4.00-5.30D3Thursday 4-5.30 | 9, 23 Nov & 7, 21 Dec (Fortnightly)C. Aaron | A.C. Nick 
U9 - Bluesoxs

C. Thomas| M. Jordan
U7 Local League

Saturday only

D7 & D8-C. Brittney

Note:  Diamonds get marked on a Friday night; if the crew are down there early, please don't train on the skin.


D4 is a training and afternoon field only (as T20 Cricket still gets played at Te-Atiawa on Saturday mornings)

D6 is a U11 and U9 diamond only (size restrictions)

D7 & D8 is where our local league plays.