Our batting cage was completed in 2022 with the aim to give our club members an8d wider softball community better training facilities.  Our aim is to make sure the container is accessible to all members while ensuring the club has enough funds to maintain and enhance our facilities.

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Our price structure is split into two prices - Financial club members and Non-members (and non-financial members). To be considered in the financial member's section, your subs have to have been paid no later than the 31st of October (yearly); an active AP in place, as long as it's started before this date, will still allow you to qualify.

(Note: the reason we don't move members into financial members after this date as its simply too much admin work for our volunteers - not only be chasing subs but also creating your account.  So this is the bonus of paying your subs on time)

Financial members

During the season (1 October - 31 March), the Committee is still deciding what, if any the cost roll be.

You will receive an access code that can be used at any time. You still need to BOOK your access. This applies to 1-hour lane access only.

During the off-season (1 April - 30 September), your options to use the cage are:

  • $10 - 1 hour cage access
  • $80 - Ten passes (for one-hour cage access)
  • $18 - Two-hour session (to be used in one block, suitable for team off-season training)
  • $150 - Unlimited off-season family pass (valid only for 1-hour cage access per booking)

Non-financial members

During the on and off-season, your options to use the cage are:

  • $20 - 1 hour cage access
  • $170 - Ten passes (for one-hour cage access)
  • $35 - two-hour session (to be used in one block, good for team off-season training)
  • Unlimited off-season pass is NOT available to Non-financial or Guest bookings.

Team training

During the on-season, when your coaches confirm their training timetable and diamond allocations are made, they will be issued with free cage access, that will be booked out throughout the entire on-season reserved for your team (If multiple teams are training on the same day, it will be booked per lane, rather than for the whole of the cage).  It doesn't matter if there are un-finance members in your team - this spot is reserved for all members. The condition of this access is that your coach must be in attendance.

How access is granted

Health and safety remain our top property, so before any access is granted, you will need to attend a health and safety briefing (this only needs to happen once).  This will include (but is not limited to):

  • Rules of the cage
  • How to open the cage and how to lock up
  • How to use both the batting machines 

This information can also be found on our health and safety page.

Once you have been signed off for health and safety and a membership plan purchased, you will be sent a code to allow you to access the cage via a smartphone. 

To speed things up, we recommend that you download and create accounts in two apps (we believe these two apps are easy to use and set up is only required once - we can help if you get stuck) - 

  • August (This app will allow you to unlock the cage door)
  • Simply Book Me - this website will allow you to book the cage (this needs to be used even if you have an offseason pass).  This will show you a calendar view of what is available. Create an account on this page, and if you are a financial member, let us know as we have to add you to the correct membership base (this only needs to happen once)

To book the cage, you simply need to go to our booking site on a computer or mobile phone and sign in (if it's your first time).  Then select and pay for the type of access you require.


We know no one likes rules. But this is something that we want to last for future generations, and to ensure we can achieve that, we need to make sure a few simple rules are followed:

  • No one will be granted access until Health and Safety briefing is done and signed off
  • Your access is for YOU only; this is NOT to be shared. You can bring people to join you, but YOU MUST BE ON SITE.  We are working on a 1 strike policy - consider this your ONLY warning.  If you break this, your access will be terminated, and NO refund will be given.
  • Helmets are to be worn at all times while in the batting area
  • There must be at least two people on site when the machines are in use (this could be a parent watching from outside)
  • One person on site must be over the age of 16 (or approve given from the committee)
  • No balls are to be removed from the cage

**Kapiti Softball Committee retains the right to change/amend the above at any time, with no warning given.