We need your support. The time is now...

As you know, we have been working hard to prepare for our batting container and cage, everything is coming together, and we are about 4/5 weeks away from completion.

But we need to be able to pay for the final elements! That's where you come in!

Put your name on it! 
We have 40 spots available for individual sponsorship; imagine your name forever placed on the container! Proudly show your support. To sweeten the deal, we'll throw in an offseason individual or season pass to the batting cage. All this, for only a donation of $150! But, be in quick they are selling fast. Jump online and buy today! (If online is too hard, text me, and I can sort it for you!)

And....we need your help to find 30 businesses that are willing to put their logo and contact details on the container. Could this be your company? Your boss? a friend? or a neighbour?

Once again, if you can secure a business, we will offer you free off-season pass and will invite you both to the opening party—only $500 + GST. Contact me if you have someone keen and I can send them an invoice.

But please... Help!. We need you all now more than ever. It will be a wicked training facility for years to come and will benefit us all.

If you have any questions, I'm more than happy to chat about how it's all going to work. We are putting the working pieces together now. If you are down at the park, you will see the ground prep has already happened. Get excited! It's going to. Be awesome. 

Other key dates 

  • Seniors prize giving - Saturday 19 March
  • Junior Prize Giving - Sunday 20 March 

We are working through how these will happen under the Red covid setting; it will likely be mid-afternoon for both. Please keep your day free, and we will be in touch when we have the details sorted. 

Good luck for the remainder of the season. 


On behalf of the Kapiti softball club.